February 14, 2014

How To Manage Body Acne Breakouts

I've spoken extensively about facial acne on this blog, but in addition to tweaking skincare and make-up habits, people who suffer from Adult Acne also have to deal with acne on various parts of their body.

As the winter season is starting to give way into spring, you're more likely to notice that there are breakouts on your shoulders and back. 

These breakouts on the back or chest are often caused by excess oil, along with warmth from sweat, and the friction caused by the many layers worn during colder months. Friction is especially a factor in cases where work-out sessions are not followed by a shower. For those with sensitive skin: body acne can also be caused by residue from the harsh ingredients in dryer sheets. 

In order to feel confident baring your skin as the weather warms up, here are a few tips and suggestions on clearing up existing body breakouts and keeping them away for good:

  • Use exfoliating body gloves or bath brush every time you shower. Make sure you are gentle and use the gloves in alternating circular motions followed by up-and-down motions.
  • Use a Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO) wash three times a week (or use daily if the breakout is severe). If you have a mild breakout, use a salicylic acid body wash.
  • Treat your body acne with 5% BPO lotion if you have many blackheads with a few blemishes or a BHAgel if you have more inflamed blemishes and irritation. (When using the BPO lotion, watch out for bleaching if the lotion rubs off on your clothes or sheets.)
  • When it comes to your clothes, wear breathable materials (preferably cotton-based) that are not too scratchy or not too tight. If you're in the habit of exercising, make sure that you leave enough time after working out to shower and change your clothes.
  • Switch to laundry detergents that are fragrance-free and suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Stop using fabric softeners and drier sheets! Both products, even the fragrance-free ones, tend to leave deposits on the skin that can clog pores. Use “dryer balls” instead.
  • Avoid body moisturizers, because there are very few products that don’t contain pore-clogging or pore-blocking ingredients. If you must use a moisturizer on small areas, it is best to use the same one as you use on your face, recommended by a licensed skin care professional who understands acne. You can also use a body moisturizer created specially for body breakouts that contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid and powerful hydrators to soften skin and loosen up dead cells and impactions.
  • For breakouts on the back  a back facial is a great way to add hydration, extract blackhead impactions, and heal acne lesions while sticking to the above recommended body skincare regimen. However, keep in mind that back facials should only be done after you have followed all of the above recommendations for at least one month. (Be sure to make your back facial appointment one month from the time that you begin your new body care regimen.)

With these tips, you can be sure that by the spring you'll be glowing from head to toe with minimal or no breakouts at all. :) For more intensive advice and guidelines, be sure to fill out the Eval By Email Skincare Consultation Form.