January 16, 2015

Winter Skin: Why Sunscreen Is Essential

Think you don't need sunscreen in the winter?

Consider these facts:
  • On an overcast day that is bright rather than dreary, the sun will be reflected through the clouds in just as damaging a way as on a perfectly sunny day.
  • On a clear sunny day with snow on the ground, the sun will reflect off of the snow and damage your skin.
  • Experts are finding out that there are different types of light rays coming towards our skin from all types of indoor lighting, which can contribute to skin aging in small ways. Fortunately, broad-spectrum sunscreens can filter these harmful rays - it's always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Sun damage is cumulative - most of us already have substantial sun damage from childhood and adolescence. Sun exposure on a clear day can contribute to that damage over time, especially when it's 5 minutes here or 10 minutes there either walking to a store or to our cars. Don't let cold temps, hats, and scarves make you think that you don't need sun protection!

Dark marks from healing acne lesions will get darker with any of the above instances of sun exposure. Dark marks actually form in the same manner as a tan.

The skin reacts to damage caused by the sun and by the trauma of inflamed acne in the exact same way. 
Sun exposure to your unprotected skin will make your acne marks even darker!

For the most comfortable, hydrating and non-clogging sunscreens on the market today, take a look at the sunscreen products by Mark Lees Skin Care. These products are formulated with quality standards in mind and are especially beneficial for those who have Adult Acne, Rosacea, or general skin sensitivities. As always, keep in mind that sunscreen is one of the only ways to prevent or diminish the visible effects of aging!

Stay warm, stay dry, stay safe! :)