November 6, 2014

Approaching Anti-Aging For The Acne-Prone: Part 1

Why do I specialize so specifically in Adult Acne, as opposed to just "plain" acne, or even teen acne? What's so unique about adults in their late-20s** to 50s that I feel like they deserve such special attention? After all, acne blemishes form the same way inside a pore no matter a person's age. The only difference between one person and another is what triggers or aggravates the acne, whether it's pore-clogging products, a sudden excess of oil production, genetically "sticky" dead skin cells, or certain skin sensitivities.

** Most of the time acne in one's early-to-mid-20s is simply a continuation of teen acne.

Anti-Aging for the Acne-Prone

The Problem

In the world of skincare there are products and treatments for acne, and products and treatments for anti-aging concerns. It's a considerable problem when these two skincare concerns are too rarely considered together, despite Adult Acne being a significant issue for many women up until their 50s. In many cases, acne products treat skin as if it's 16-years old, while anti-aging products treat skin as if it's a dried up old prune! 

This is the reason why adults actually have acne problems that teens don't have. The vast majority of anti-aging products on the market today contain pore-clogging ingredients -- both drugstore and department store brands alike. The cycle of Adult Acne often begins with pore-clogging ingredients in anti-aging products. 

The Breakout Cycle of Adult Acne from Anti-Aging.

Adult Acne can also start with hormonal changes that may seem similar to puberty but actually affect aging skin differently.   Factors that didn't exist before could include: sensitivity, newly developed issues of dehydration, stretched-out pores and/or fine lines that can trap dead skin cells and oils, which then leads to congestion that can get inflamed, creating acne blemishes.

Does Dryness = Aging??

There is a perception that the skincare products formulated to treat aging must include rich moisturizers. The idea that dryness causes aging is long gone -- product manufacturers and doctors at least have learned that much! Truthfully, no matter the skin type, dryness does make existing lines and wrinkles look worse. But if an anti-aging skincare regimen is focused on prevention and repair, and if the products are formulated correctly, dryness can become nothing more than a dehydration issue regardless of your age!

Lines, wrinkles, and sagging are all caused by the destruction of the proteins that hold the skin up and that contain water to plump the skin out. Anti-aging products should have the job of repairing this protein deterioration and preventing further damage. Hydration-loss is actually addressed by the very things that repair the proteins -- the right anti-aging products (especially for acne-prone skin) will be formulated so that they're reparative and hydrating. 

Give The People What They Want

The problem is that most skincare manufacturers haven't caught up with this concept for two reasons:

  1. Consumers still believe that they need rich, heavy products to fight wrinkles.
  2. Products that prevent and repair aging skin are more expensive to formulate than those that simply lubricate the skin.

And THAT is where the Adult Acne-Sufferer suffers the most - -

The majority of these mass-marketed 
products happen to clog pores like crazy. 

Acne products not taking your anti-aging needs in account just add insult to injury, but you keep breaking out from the products you currently use. So what do you do? Use harsh cleansers? Astringents? Drying medications? Birth control that ends up messing with our systems? No! To find out the solution to your Adult Acne and anti-aging concerns, tune in next week to catch up on Part 2. :)

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