Summer Ingrown Hair Remedies

Summer ingrown hair remedies

New swimsuit, check.  New sandals, check.  Wide-brimmed hat, check.  Electronic ticket, check.  If only you could check off getting rid of those pesky things on your bikini line, but there they are, staring you right in the face!  Check. Mate.

Adult Acne Tip: How to Wash Your Face

Adult Acne Tip from AcneWhisperer TV: How to Wash Your Face, on the Acne Whisperer Blog.
You would think washing your face is a complete no-brainer, but consider this:  on more than one occasion, I’ve been prompted to ask clients with congestion and breakouts on their entire hairline if they tend to avoid those areas when washing.   Often people will avoid the area not wanting to get it wet.  This can sometimes be why I see such congestion there.  

Now granted, someone who washes their hair every day will not have this problem no matter how they wash their face.  But not everyone does that.

Demystifying Large Pores in Adult Acne Skin

Demystifying large pores in adult acne skin
As an Adult Acne Specialist, I get asked all the time how to get rid of large pores - slash - make them smaller - slash - make them disappear, etc.

The answer is pretty disappointing (no, they cannot be shrunk), but also kind of fascinating.  

There is, however, a way to prevent them from looking bigger than they already are.