What do masks do? Part 2

Last week I talked about a few of the types of masks used in clearing Adult Acne to calm, soothe, heal and purify.  Having gone over Clay and Gel Masks, this week I’m concluding Mask Madness Month with an overview of Cream and Exfoliating Masks, as well as some of the other types of masks you may have come across.

What Do Masks Do? Part 1

In my skincare practice and my remote skin coaching program, Eval by Email® Online Skincare Consultation for adults 24+, an at-home weekly use of an exfoliator and mask is an integral part of my method of clearing Adult Acne.  I wrote a little about this last week when talking about how to prep for vacation. 

Continuing Mask Madness Month at Daniela’s Facial Studio®, let’s talk about how masks work and what ingredients and benefits make them such an integral part of an at-home regimen and in-studio facial.

Spring Break: After College?

I used to do a lot of waxing.  I mean, like, 16-24 clients per day, several days a week.  I currently do quite a bit less, now that I’m so much more focused on Adult Acne. 

Back then I was located two blocks from Depaul University, so I had a fair amount of students in my client base, many of whom continued to see me well after graduation.  Some still do.  

The majority of my waxing clientele, however, were actually 20-30-40something college grads, mostly professionals working in the corporate world in one capacity or other.

March is Mask Madness Month at The Acne Whisperer !

Yes indeed, folks, it’s Mask Madness time here at The Acne Whisperer! The entire month of March will be devoted to the masks offered at my main web site, what they do, how they work, how to use them and how to choose them.

With so many choices and benefits, I thought I would start out with a simple lesson in the best way to apply a mask.