AcneWhispererTV: All About Body Exfoliation

With the winter season slipping away, you might find yourself with dry, rough skin, a case of Keratosis Pilaris, or even body acne! As spring gets closer and you shed the layers of thermal long-johns, socks, and the rest of your winter gear, you'll find yourself needing to shed all the dead skin-cells that have built up all winter long. 

In this AcneWhispererTV video, I'm going to explain just how you can properly exfoliate your body to get rid of that build-up and how to prevent KP or ingrown hairs!

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A Remedy For Rough Skin

As with dry skin or with adult acne and dehydration issues, learning how to deal with the rough skin and calluses on your body can really be a pain of trial and error during the winter months.

These rough conditions are actually designed to protect your skin from friction, pressure, and rubbing. It makes sense that the roughness would happen at the places that hold you up and help you keep your balance. The joints especially show signs of hard work -- your elbows, knuckles, knees, ankles, heels and the balls of your feet. However, despite the benefit, this roughness and dryness often feels like your skin has gone haywire and usually doesn't feel very comfortable.