The Wonder Product That Will Simplify Your Skincare Routine

One of my proudest achievements, my hand-crafted Papaya Pumice Clay-Scrub Kit gives you the best of salon care products at home. Made with 2 fruit enzymes, 3 types of clay, soothing allantoin, and crushed pumice, this kit is a wonderful multi-purpose addition to your skincare routine.

As the various clays work their magic, going even further are the fruit enzymes that loosen and dissolve dead skin cells, which enhances the drawing action of the clay ingredients. 

This Clay-Scrub kit is great for giving yourself a once-a-week facial at home for smooth, clear, decongested skin. For an occasional pick-me-up when your skin is looking dull or feeling a little rough, the powder makes for a perfect scrub (thanks to the action of the crushed pumice) when mixed with your regular cleanser


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How Teenage Acne Turns Into Adult Acne...

One of the major changes in the bodies of teenagers (especially during puberty) is the development and dilation of hair follicles (pores with accompanying hairs) within the skin. 

Testosterone, the male hormone coursing through adolescent veins, triggers new and more abundant hair growth within teens, as well as increases in the skin's natural oil production. In the meanwhile, enzymes produced in this process tell pores to get bigger in order to accommodate the new hair and the greater oil flow.  

Beauty Questions Answered by Daniela, Adult Acne Expert

Your skin's health is just as important as the quality of the products you wear on top of it, but it's very easy to neglect, damage, and not spend the necessary time on managing your skin. 

If you're seeking out the right answers to your questions about how to achieve that glowing, beautifully clear skin, I'm the esthetician for the job! 

Here are some questions from readers who have inquired about skincare with questions that are more common than you might think...