7 Ways to Clear Adult Backne

Back and Chest Acne in Adults

Clearing back acne breakouts in adults by finding the cause first

In the 17+ years of experience in skincare and acne clearing, I have observed that chest and back acne in adults is often completely baffling to the person going through this. 

As explained previously, acne in adults often hits with little prior history, if there’s any history at all, which is why it differs from teen acne so much of the time.  It can be such a total mystery for them, their skin has become completely jacked up from all the wrong products and medications by the time they contact me.   Body acne in the average adult occurs quite the same way - - with little to no previous experience with it.

I have found that there are a few surprising aggravators of body acne, besides the obvious stress factors and drastic hormonal changes of life. 

How to streamline your skincare routine for Adult Acne

Crazy busy? Multi-tasking Your Skincare Could Be The Answer!

Multi-tasking skin care - from lots of products to just a few

Last week I sort of brushed against the multi-tasking trend with the idea of multi-masking different areas where your skin is having different parties on multiple parts of your face. 

Multi-tasking with your skincare is quite different in that where we’re trying to use fewer products at a time to address different issues rather than using more.  

Having said that, properly clearing and soothing adult acne and sensitivity is somewhat difficult with just a “three-step” Cleanser-Toner-Moisturizer program.  

Multi Masking Skincare for Adult Acne

Multi-Task?  Multi-Mask !

I will get to the multi-tasking skincare issue, next week.  I have a few things to say on the subject, and it really does deserve special attention. 

But before that, I’d like to start off with another kind of multi-tasking, from another angle, which is how to deal with different parts of your face doing different things, even when your skincare routine is as optimal as can be.  

How to treat adult acne using different masks together

This may surprise you - only 10% of the world’s population has truly dry skin, ie, doesn’t produce enough oil to keep it lubricated and healthy, while only 10% of the world’s population produces way too much oil.  Everyone else falls in the spectrum in between. 

This is why my clinical instructor in beauty school first introduced us to the world of skincare with this adage: