How to Control Oil During Summer

How do we Control Oil During the Summer? Plus my very first ever book review.

Who doesn’t love laying out under a tree shaded from the beautiful summer sun reading a good summer book?  Surrounded by flowers, enveloped by warm breezes, listening to kids playing in the park with their dads.  Spending an afternoon like this with a bottle of ice tea? Pure. Bliss. 

How Much of Each of My Skincare Products Should I Use?

After filling out my Eval by Email® form for Adult Acne and Sensitivity issues, a sample packet of an entire skincare regimen is sent to your home to check for likeability and any adverse reactions, after which you purchase the full size products from my web store.  

Of course, accompanying this sample packet is a full set of instructions with the order in which the products are to be used, and how to use them.

In addition, there are full step-by-step instructions in my web site’s Advice Section for an entire skincare routine for every skin type.

Every time a client comes to get a facial at my skincare salon, Daniela’s Facial Studio, or when a remote client writes that they need to order more product, I check on their previous product purchases, what they’ve been using, on what date they purchased last, and whether they might need to replenish or tweak. 

Is it OK to Use the Same Moisturizer for Day and Night?

SPF vs. Night Lotion

Last week, I covered the question of whether the same SPF lotion can be used for face and body.  This week I discuss the topic of using the same lotion for both morning and night.

As an online skincare coach, a substantial number of clients from across the country, people in their late 20s all the way up to their 50s, ask me if it’s really important to have two moisturizers, one for day and one for night.  Why can’t we just use the same moisturizer, why do we have to buy two?  There are several reasons, especially when it comes to Adult Acne.