20 Ways to Keep Adult Acne Clear While Traveling

How to keep up with Your Adult Acne Skincare Routine While On Vacay!

You have a great routine at home, you’ve done amazing things to clear up your Adult Acne, following the advice from my Eval by Email® service and instructions for using my products to the letter. 


Taking all your products in full sizes on your upcoming trip is not an option.  On the other hand, transferring them into tiny bottles is time consuming and wasteful.  There are also extra considerations, like hotter or more humid weather, constant sunscreen applications after swimming, evenings out and late nights.

So.  Here is a list of tips for packing your toiletries for your carry-on or checked-in luggage:

What can I expect after starting a better skincare routine ?

I get asked this question all the time, and rightly so.  A great deal of trust is being put into me.  The focus of my skincare practice is acne and sensitivity experienced by adults aged late-twenties on up.  Why is that?

There are two reasons for my focus on clients in their late 20’s and older. 

One, I believe that those of us who are looking for anti-aging products that won’t break us out and acne products that won’t dry or irritate our more mature skin, are being largely ignored.  I want to fill that void.

How to Prevent Butt Breakouts !

I’ve been telling you for a long time now, dear readers, that body breakouts are usually caused by friction and/or pressure.  Ill-fitting clothes, sitting for long periods, textured fabric rubbing against sweaty skin, long term exercise with no skin protection.  How much more is this true of butt breakouts??

There are actually two issues with breakouts on the behind, as well as the backs of the thighs.  

Is Benzoyl Peroxide The Devil ?

In my 17 years of helping to clear Adult Acne, I’ve heard differing opinions about Benzoyl Peroxide, aka BPO.  Some say it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread when used properly, in a very specific protocol.  Others believe it damages the skin leaving it thinned out and oxidized, contributing to pigmentation issues and aging.  Some don’t like it just because it’s a “drug”, preferring a more “natural” approach.

But learning exactly what BPO does, how it works, and how it can actually help rather than hurt, took more than just hearing an opinion or two.  I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you, and perhaps demystify, and even shed a positive light on Benzoyl Peroxide.