Allergies and Adult Acne

The Acne-Allergy Connection

What is the Allergy-Acne Connection?  If you have environmental allergies or even food sensitivities, they could provide clues to your persistent breakouts.  Sensitivity in one area can contribute to sensitivity in another area.

As part of my online skincare coaching service, Eval by Email® Online Skincare Consultation, vital information about your skin’s history is gathered along with full names of all the products you use from head to toe. 

One section that may surprise you is dedicated to listing your allergies -- anything related to food, environment, cosmetics and even medication.  Why do I need such details about everything topical or ingested?  Is there a connection between allergies and acne breakouts?

Kitchen Esthetician or How to Navigate Acne DIY

Coconut and olive oils and baking soda used in DIY skincare make acne worse!
Working on my Adult Acne Online Coaching program, helping people adjust their home routines to clear their breakout issues, coming across some kind of DIY facial oil, mask or cleansing oil is an almost daily occurrence.  Between Pinterest, beauty blogs and Facebook, the skincare consumer is bombarded with all sorts of advice on how best to deal with acne in general, but particularly on how to save money and health by making your own products right in your own kitchen.  I can’t blame anyone for trying these things.  Who can possibly object to saving money and guarding their health?

There are three problems with the logic here.

Causes of Springtime Ingrown Hairs

As the winter weather transitions into spring, chances are that while wearing jeans, yoga pants, leggings, etc., you may find yourself perspiring just a little more than usual, most likely in an on-and-off kind of way. 

The cause of springtime ingrowns could be your clothes.

Since I began performing waxing services 20 years ago, I have noticed that the frequency and severity of ingrown hairs along the bikini line and butt breakouts seem to increase during changes in weather, particularly from colder to warmer months.

Now, there are changes in weather other times of the year, why is spring so special?