July 24, 2014

The Wonder Product That Will Simplify Your Skincare Routine

One of my proudest achievements, my hand-crafted Papaya Pumice Clay-Scrub Kit gives you the best of salon care products at home. Made with 2 fruit enzymes, 3 types of clay, soothing allantoin, and crushed pumice, this kit is a wonderful multi-purpose addition to your skincare routine.

As the various clays work their magic, going even further are the fruit enzymes that loosen and dissolve dead skin cells, which enhances the drawing action of the clay ingredients. 

This Clay-Scrub kit is great for giving yourself a once-a-week facial at home for smooth, clear, decongested skin. For an occasional pick-me-up when your skin is looking dull or feeling a little rough, the powder makes for a perfect scrub (thanks to the action of the crushed pumice) when mixed with your regular cleanser


Check this out!

Basically, you get quadruple exfoliation with this kit!  

Scrub upon application, enzyme action dissolving dead skin cells, loosening of more dead skin and oil absorption by clay, and finally, a gentle final scrubbing upon rinsing.

The Papaya Pumice Clay-Scrub is that it can be used for most skin types, except for the most sensitive.  Inflamed acne with pustules, redness, and irritation might need a stronger mask. Please email for further advice.

Use the following suggestions as a guideline for Papaya-Pumice mask mixtures based on your skin type.

Acne with many blackheads 
- Nonfat plain yogurt;
- Aloe gel

Oily skin
- Black tea;
- Nonfat plain yogurt;

Sensitive skin (oily)
- Aloe gel;
- Chamomile tea

Sensitive skin (dry)
- Aloe gel;
- sensitive skin nighttime moisturizer

- Place 2-4 scoops of the Clay Powder into the mixing cup; add wet ingredients according to recipe suggestions above;  mix with the spatula to a pancake batter consistency.
- Apply the mask to your face with a fan brush and leave on for 10 minutes.  For extra exfoliation, lightly massage into skin for 20 seconds before leaving on.  This mask does not have to dry.
- Rinse well with either your hands or a soft facial cloth.
- Follow with toner and a hydrating moisturizer.

Because my skin is sensitive, dehydrated and acne prone all at the same time, I use my favorite nighttime moisturizer to make this mask for myself once a week.  I love how it makes my skin feel! :)

As you can see in the photo above, this cool kit is packaged to make a great gift.  Please share!