Perfect Your Selfie: Banish the Blemish!

There are three things that can really ruin a great makeup application for a special occasion:

1) A sudden breakout
2) Flakiness from dry air
3) Oily shine that pops through your makeup and lights up your face like a disco ball.  

With the holidays and new year parties approaching, be sure to follow these tips to blow each of these makeup busters to smithereens! Perfect your self(ie) for some great pictures. ;)

Banish the Blemish

The quickest and easiest way to clear a sudden breakout is actually the best way to soothe inflammation. This method called Ice Therapy, and it's imperative that you start this procedure as soon as you feel or see a new zit.

The video below demonstrates just how easy this process is to reduce inflammation in a breakout!

AcneWhispererTV: Ice Therapy

A sudden breakout before a big event. A recurring undergrounder right around your period that never seems to go away. An ongoing acne condition that plagues you every day of your life...
One simple thing -- a deceptively simple thing -- is integral in clearing up your breakout problems no matter the severity -- ice.

Why ice?  

In all cases of breakouts, inflammation plays a great role in acne formation. Even bacteria can't bother a pore without the pore becoming inflamed first. If we first attempt to calm the pore down by cooling it off, we can prevent bacteria from becoming involved while also reducing pain and swelling at the same time. 

The video below shows you how it all works.  Enjoy! :)