August 21, 2014

Is There A Connection Between Water Consumption And Clear Skin?

I often hear from clients who've been having trouble with dehydration amidst breakouts, "I know, I know, I don't drink enough water."

(I even hear this from other Estheticians who advise their acne and dry skin clients alike to drink more water to help with dehydration!)

The truth is that skin dehydration actually has very little to do with your water intake - your organs get all of the water first, then your skin gets the little bit left over, but that's usually enough.

Let's put it this way: by the time your skin is dry from not drinking enough, you're so thirsty that you're dying. Dehydration on the skin is about water loss to the air, and not lack of water from inside. There are many remedies to this, one of which involves a process of determining what skincare products should or should not be used. You can find more information about starting this process at the link:

However, skin clearance can have connection with water intake just because more water is simply healthier.  

Simply put: a healthier inside = a healthier outside!

I was thinking all about the issue of water intake and skincare this morning, as I was preparing my daily morning tea. I thought it would be cool to describe what my daily drinking ritual is in case that it could help you with your daily water intake!

I have an automatic drip coffee maker in my kitchen.

Every night before I go to bed, I place Brita-filtered water into the coffee maker up to the 10 cup line and then I put the following into the decanter: a bag of Yerba Mate tea, a bag of any green tea (I use jasmine blossom green tea), and  about a teaspoon of Stevia powder (probably more than most people use lol).

Next to this cart, I place a teapot and a mug.

This way, all I have to do in the morning is flip the switch and tea is ready to go!  As I’m returning to my bathroom to do my morning skincare routine and get my clothes ready for the day, the tea is brewing.

(I often will add dairy-free milk to the full tea pot before pouring my first cup.)

Throughout the morning's activities (getting dressed, reading the morning news, preparing the day’s meals, etc.) I am drinking almost the entire pot!

What is left over, before I go to work at my Studio, I place into a large drinking thermos.

So, basically, I’ve already had 10 cups of water before noon! The rest of the day I do drink when I’m thirsty, but at least I’m not banging myself over the head because I didn’t drink enough that day!

Don’t like tea that much? Consider this: 

Although it is said that caffeine causes water loss in the body, studies have shown that the caffeine in green tea works quite differently. If you really hate tea, you might try decaf coffee (but just know that there is still a certain amount of caffeine there). 

But there are so many, many, many different kinds of tea out there, surely there must be something you can find that you like.

Enjoy your water! :)