November 26, 2014

No, Seriously, I Really Am 49 Years Old! My Skincare Regimen and My Thanks

Today is my 49th birthday! :)

I don’t feel any different than I did 10 years ago, so I can’t believe that I’m near 50 (holy…!). However, I am different -- and I have my clients to thank for that. 

I’m not just saying that because everyone is thanking their clients today and tomorrow because of Thanksgiving. I really would be **nowhere** without a clientele that has seen 12.5 years of developments, failures, transitions, and a very tough move to a new location this past summer.

Please permit me to share something with you.

I didn’t have an easy childhood and I’m not secretive about that because it was due to undiagnosed ADD; I am very vocal about that. I believe ADD is the most misunderstood, under- and over-diagnosed cognitive disorder in Psychiatry today, and the more I learn about it, the more I want to shout from the rooftops any way I can help people who also struggle.

Back when I was working in a rather fashionable full-service salon before I opened Daniela’s Facial Studio (this was way before I was diagnosed with ADD), I wanted very much to improve the way I related to people since I was now in a profession which depended on being relatable. I had spent a great deal of my life fairly isolated until then. As I got better at my job, and more of my G-d given personality started to come out, I got a daily showering of compliments I was SO not used to getting.

I realized something that kind of shocked me, something I hadn’t thought about before. I never really learned how to say “Thank you.” Just the mere, simple curtesy of saying thank you was actually incredibly hard for me. So, I decided to learn. This started me on a path that has led to a multitude of blessings. Two years after I started on my journey as an esthetician, I began my own business with two credit cards -- managing to pay off that debt in two years, started my own skincare line, perfected 4 handcrafted products that are doing amazingly well, and developed a thriving online business with a service no one else has.

There is no way any of that could have happened without the kindness, generosity and loyalty of my dear clients.

I’ve never been alone in this journey, thanks to all of you.  
And that’s what I’m most grateful for -- not just the success of my business, not just the independence I was able to take advantage of that enabled me to find out about my ADD, food sensitivities, sciatica, you know, stuff I over-share about with tremendous appreciation for everyone putting up with me. :)
I’m so grateful that I’ve had over 1000 people through the years riding that journey with me.

So, back to my being 49 today.  A man I met recently was shocked when someone else asked me how old I am, protesting that it was rude to ask a women her age, to which I replied, “Please, I’m a skincare professional. I brag about my age.”

When people find out how old I am, they naturally want to know what I’m doing. Clients sometimes ask me if I actually use the products I sell. I can proudly say, I most certainly do!!

Here’s my regimen:


  • I have somewhat sensitive skin with a very mild case of Rosacea, and I’m genetically oily, so I wash with Daniela’s Panthenol Cleanser. I fitted a Pur water-filter onto my bathroom faucet, which I very highly recommend (any brand is fine).  You’d be amazed what a difference filtered water makes in your skin.
  • I always use toner, which I believe is a very important key to hydration. I personally use Mark Lees Soothing Toner. I make sure my skin is damp but not wet with the toner, and I never blot it away.
  • While the toner is still wet, I immediately apply Mark Lees Firm Resolution Serum, which I massage in very well (usually for about 20-30 seconds) concentrating on areas of sagging and fine lines. Directly after that I apply Daniela’s Antioxidant Defense Complex and massage that in on top. I’m fairly vigorous in the way I massage in my serums, which I would not recommend for anyone with moderate to severe Rosacea conditions, or active, inflamed acne. For everyone else -- this is a great anti-aging trick!


  • Everything is the same as the morning, with Mark Lees Firm Resolution Creme as my nighttime moisturizer instead of SPF. This moisturizer is applied also taking care to include my neck and chest, and is also massaged in well, but without being as vigorous.

Twice a Week 

  • In my shower, I have a supply of my very own handcrafted Papaya Pumice Clay-Scrub powder.  The enzymes it contains from papaya and pineapple are activated by steam, so I mix a small amount first in my hand with my cleanser and use it as a scrub.  Then I mix some more with about a quarter-size of Mark Lees Hydrafluide lotion, and create a mask that I leave on while I shampoo and condition my hair, and wash the rest of my body.  If I need more oil absorption and skin conditioning, I apply this mask outside the shower and let it half dry, then rinse in the shower.  The step of rinsing off the mask repeats the mild scrubbing action, thereby whisking off the remaining dead skin cells dislodged by the enzymes and clay.
And that’s it! I drink a ton of water and try to get the best sleep I can. There is also a little ultrasonic machine I’m looking into getting that could provide some lift and more firming, so stay tuned for any further developments!

For the best anti-aging acne- and sensitivity-safe products for your best skin, be sure to check out my web store this weekend.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a fantastic holiday weekend!

All my love,