December 26, 2014

Perfect Your Selfie: Banish the Blemish!

There are three things that can really ruin a great makeup application for a special occasion:

1) A sudden breakout
2) Flakiness from dry air
3) Oily shine that pops through your makeup and lights up your face like a disco ball.  

With the holidays and new year parties approaching, be sure to follow these tips to blow each of these makeup busters to smithereens! Perfect your self(ie) for some great pictures. ;)

Banish the Blemish

The quickest and easiest way to clear a sudden breakout is actually the best way to soothe inflammation. This method called Ice Therapy, and it's imperative that you start this procedure as soon as you feel or see a new zit.

The video below demonstrates just how easy this process is to reduce inflammation in a breakout!

Banish the Flake

There are several reasons for flakiness, but the two most common are:

1) Thick lotions or creams that are not formulated correctly and that actually dry the skin out over time.

2) Acne remedies that are not being used properly, including Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acids. When used properly with the right frequency at the right doses, there should not be this kind of flakiness.

But you have the flakiness right now! So what to do? It's actually very simple! Use an exfoliating mask with enzymes and mild salicylic acid, followed by a well formulated hydrating lotion.

Banish the Shine

Shine can be controlled in preparation for makeup application and afterwards.

Before make-up application: Give yourself a mini facial at home using a good clay mask. Wash your face, then liberally apply clay, wait 10 minutes, rinse, then apply toner and SPF moisturizer.

After make-up application: You can actually control oil amazingly well with cornstarch! (YES, the stuff you have in your kitchen!)

Dusted on top of your makeup the corn starch will control oil for hours, won't clog pores because its molecules are too big, and can keep you cool under hot lights. You can also mix a little in with your mineral makeup or other loose powder to make it control oil. 

A small shaker jar and retractable dome brush make it easy to carry your cornstarch in your purse.

Want to banish adult acne to begin with? Let's nip it all in the bud by analyzing why you're having problems and change your skincare routine to one that will prevent breakouts in the first place! Get started at: