May 6, 2015

Introducing an Ingrown Hair solution you can't resist!

Summer’s Coming !
Get your skin bikini-ready before summer !

I’ve been waxing bikini lines for the better part of the last 17 years.  Along the way I’ve not only become quite expert at the famed Brazilian Bikini Wax (thank you veddy much), I’ve also honed an expertise in Adult Acne.  Both of these have given me tremendous insight into the formation, and treatment, of the dreaded ingrown hairs and body acne, whether formed as a consequence of waxing or simply an oily skin condition. 

It became apparent to me that the ingrown hair issue is often not what people think it is, even to many doctors, as I described some time ago in a previous blog post.  Through the years I have carried several products and remedies, and have since realized that there are three basic products that seem to work for so many ingrown hair and body acne issues, I decided to make a package out of them.

Introducing !
The Ingrown Hair 
Triple Threat !
FerroRosa FrictionFix®, Daniela’s Rescue Gel, and Exfoliating Spa Gloves.

Full Size $52 - includes a full size FerroRosa FrictionFix®, a full size Rescue Gel and a pair of Gloves.  
Trial Size $22 - includes a travel size FerroRosa FrictionFix®, a travel size rescue gel and a pair of Gloves.  

The FerroRosa 
FrictionFix® story
In my considered opinion, the largest culprits in the formation of breakout problems along the bikini line, inner thighs and buttocks are pressure and friction.  The vast majority of products on the market approach the issue from the point of view of exfoliation.  Usually these products are made with Salicylic Acid.  There is, of course, an anti-inflammatory component to Salicylic Acid, which is hugely important.  Exfoliation is also hugely important. 

But it seemed to me it just wasn’t the whole story.  I was seeing too many people that had been using these products for years with no results.  There had to be more to it than simply dead skin cell buildup preventing proper hair growth.  It couldn’t be that all that inflammation was only coming from hairs not being able to get through the follicle - what about all the red bumps of different sizes that had no hair inside?  

As I got to know my clients, I started to see patterns of breakouts based on their clothing, their exercise habits, even their jobs.  Thus the idea of friction and pressure being the real crux of the matter was born. 

I thought back to the days wearing skirts I had to suffer with that awful chafing throughout the day from my inner thighs rubbing together (I now wear leggings or slip pants underneath).  How many of us BBGs (Big Beautiful Girls) put tons and tons of baby powder between our thighs to relieve the pain?!  Of course, we now know that talc is a no-no down there, but I have also since learned that talc is actually pore clogging anyway.  But it did give me an idea…

Enter FerroRosaFrictionFix®, the anti-inflammatory body powder designed for ingrown hair and body acne issues.

Ferro, meaning Iron, since a few of the anti-inflammatory ingredients are made of minerals called Iron Oxides;

Rosa, meaning Pink, since these Iron Oxides happen to give a rosy pink color;

Friction, referring to the main culprit of the problems these ingredients relieve;

Fix, well, you get the idea.

Cool factoid - Ferro also happens to be a play on my last name, which is Ferri. 😊

By the by, this amazing powder also happens to be great for shaving itch, Keratosis Pilaris on the thighs and butt, and regular body breakouts on the butt and thighs due to sitting for too long.  A client of mine also has given this to her husband to relieve the severe chafing he suffers from long distance biking.  While it doesn’t prevent the chafing in his case, since the powder melts with excessive sweat, it does very much relieve the resulting chafing within about a week after a competitive ride !

The Rescue Gel Story
I think that my Rescue Gel happens to be the best salicylic acid product I’ve ever seen. 

It’s formulated with such consideration for calming in mind that care was taken to choose the most effective and most gentle fractions of Tea Tree and Eucalyptus that could be found.  Healing Beta Glucans from Bakers Yeast boost pores’ immune responses, green tea and Chinese licorice round out the soothing, calming and pain relief provided by a more gentle form of Salicylic Acid from sugar beets, while a special, non-irritating form of microalgae cultivated off the coast of Brittany counteracts the enzymes produced in pores that cause inflammation in the first place.

This amazing gel is applied to affected areas after every shower, and every night before bed.

Why Exfoliating Spa Gloves?
Why not that flowery poofy thingy?
Frankly, I just don’t think the plastic thing they call a “loofa” (that has nothing to do with the sea) gets to where you need exfoliation the most, nor effectively enough.  I like the dexterity of gloves and the just-right amount of roughness that gets the job done.  I think they're far better than body scrubs, too, especially since many of them contain pore clogging oils, and they're also too difficult to navigate down there...

Use the gloves gently, of course, after all you’re dealing with an irritated area.  But once they’re wet and warm they are quite soft.  They last about a year, and you can tell you need another pair when they start to feel too loose on your hands.  You can wash them by hand with antibacterial soap, or occasionally throw them in your laundry.  Just don’t put them in the dryer.

Find this fantastic package at my web store!

There are other products I also have in my arsenal, that address other issues like body blackheads, rough bumpiness from conditions like Keratosis Pilaris, and ingrown hair issues that involve more blackhead material than inflamed pimples.  Need help deciding?  Please contact me!

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