August 19, 2015

Adult Acne Tip : You really do need a moisturizer !

There are often times when a new client fills out my Eval by Email® consultation form, and they leave the Nighttime Moisturizer field blank.  It seems many people think they don’t need a moisturizer because their skin is oily, or they’re uncomfortable with the idea because they’ve broken out so much from them in the past.

I have adult acne, do I really need a moisturizer?

I’d like to shed some light on moisturizers, why they seem to break you out, why you actually do need one, and how to obtain the right one for you.

A big part of the problem is they way most moisturizers are made.

August 12, 2015

How often should I replenish my skincare products?

Why the worst thing you could do while clearing Adult Acne is let yourself run out of product.

adult acne tip worst thing you can do is  let yourself run out of product

I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m repeating myself.  :)  This is really just a follow-up to a previous post where I talk about how much of each product you should use at a time.

I started it out with a conundrum I often experience when facial clients check in, where we don’t see as much progress in their acne clearing as I think we should.  I take a look at when they last purchased.  I know approximately how long each type of product should last when it's used properly (which I will go over a little later), so if it’s been a while, it's not always the case that they’ve stopped buying their products and let their skincare go; often the client has either stretched the products out for budget reasons, or stretched them out figuring they have an upcoming appointment so why not wait. 

The truth is, using too little of each product renders them almost useless.