July 13, 2016

Adult Acne Tip: How to Wash Your Face

Adult Acne Tip from AcneWhisperer TV: How to Wash Your Face, on the Acne Whisperer Blog.
You would think washing your face is a complete no-brainer, but consider this:  on more than one occasion, I’ve been prompted to ask clients with congestion and breakouts on their entire hairline if they tend to avoid those areas when washing.   Often people will avoid the area not wanting to get it wet.  This can sometimes be why I see such congestion there.  

Now granted, someone who washes their hair every day will not have this problem no matter how they wash their face.  But not everyone does that.

There is a part of this issue that is very much not a no-brainer, and that is the matter of using the wrong cleanser.  On one hand, the skin feels nice and soft after washing but is not getting clean and you may not even know it; all you know is your skin is getting more and more congested, dull and eventually, a little dried out, ironically, because skin that’s not clean doesn’t function or flow properly, leaving it vulnerable to water-loss.  On the other hand, skin feels squeaky clean but has everything stripped the heck away from it.  This causes horrible dryness, eventually ripping apart the skin’s natural barrier, leading to water-loss and more dryness.

The way you tell if a cleanser is right for you is if it rinses clean within 2-3 splashes and does not leave your skin tight or dry.  If it's medicated, it should not leave your skin irritated.  If it doesn't rinse well right away it means the pH is too low and your skin isn't really being cleaned.  If your skin is tight after rinsing it means your skin's pH has been thrown off and no matter how much moisturizer you put on, your skin will still over-produce oil to get your skin back to the right pH.  Also, the irritation from dryness can create a slight breakage in the skin's integrity that can create a kind of sensitivity that makes it easier for blemishes to develop.

Watch this new installment of AcneWhisperer TV to learn the right way to wash your face!

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