October 25, 2013

Corporate Acne and Stress: Part 2

Yesterday, I discussed why you might be more likely to be stressed at work and why that gives you breakouts.

When we talk of an acne breakout being "hormonal" we usually mean breakouts that occur with PMS, changing or stopping birth control, or having an emotional freak-out. What do hormones have to do with acne?

As I mentioned in "Corporate Acne & Stress: Part 1," it's all about the male hormone, testosterone.

Testosterone is responsible for oil production in the skin. There are two main places where this hormone is produced in women -- the ovaries, and the adrenal glands. Any time there's an adrenaline rush, there is also an accompanying testosterone rush. Conflict stress (from the fight or flight response) can produce this rush.

If this rush of hormone is quick, the increase in oil will also be quick. If the skin is dehydrated or clogged by skincare/beauty products, the pores will not be able to accommodate the sudden oil flow.  It'll get stuck instead, causing terrible redness and painful swelling.  
Thus is born the "undergrounder."

These rushes of oil, especially in the presence of blackheads, create a situation that is a little different from other kinds of acne. As a result, the approach to the problem has to be different.

Instead of drying and exfoliating the heck out of the skin, which is the usual way of clearing acne, the focus first has to be on extreme calming.  This way, oil control happens by way of hydration to make pores more pliable to let go of the oil, and redness and swelling are calmed by anti-inflammatories.  In addition, there must be some way of boosting the immune system inside the pores so they can deal with these rushes effectively.  One of the most effective products that do all of these is this serum.  So the approach is calming of inflammation plus hydration leading to normal oil flow, rather than
 methods of oil control that are too drying plus exfoliation.  Make sense?

In terms of hydration and its healing properties for the skin, you can refer to my previous post on toners!

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