June 30, 2014

Is Your Skin Under Pressure?

From unstable hormonal/environmental issues to poor product choices to a genetic predisposition to overproduction of oil and sticky dead skin cells, there are many reasons for Adult Acne breakouts. It can be pretty difficult to know what can be causing a sudden or an ongoing breakout just by looking at first glance. But don't feel hopeless! 

There's actually one thing you can ask yourself before you try to analyze your skincare regimen, stress levels, family history, or your diet when you first experience a breakout

Ask yourself if there has been anything pressing or rubbing against the area. A breakout can very well happen as a result of friction or pressure.

A no-brainer, right?! 

These breakouts can show up on the bikini line, along your bra line, on sides of the face (from hair or hair products), areas touched by your phone, or on your forehead.

Friction or pressure-caused breakouts happen because the skin hates being disturbed. Rubbing causes inflammation within the skin that continues down to the pore, which gets swollen and filled with a combination of natural oils, certain types of waxes, lymph and dead skin cells. 

If air can still get inside the pore, you'll have a painful "undergrounder" breakout, but not necessarily an infection. However, if air can't get into the pore and the oxygen inside the pore runs out? Bad news. Without oxygen, the anaerobic bacteria that is in almost every pore in every human being is then able to thrive, and puss formation commences within the pore. There's your white head.

Once you've determined what might be causing the problem, email me and we can discuss what possible action to take. As always, feel free to fill out my Eval by Email® Skincare Consultation form where we can discuss your breakouts and acne concerns. 

In the meantime, the video below might shed some insight! :)