March 11, 2015

Spring Break: After College?

I used to do a lot of waxing.  I mean, like, 16-24 clients per day, several days a week.  I currently do quite a bit less, now that I’m so much more focused on Adult Acne. 

Back then I was located two blocks from Depaul University, so I had a fair amount of students in my client base, many of whom continued to see me well after graduation.  Some still do.  

The majority of my waxing clientele, however, were actually 20-30-40something college grads, mostly professionals working in the corporate world in one capacity or other.

People used to ask me if I’d get busier around Spring Break with all the students around.  I was well known in each of the dorms and several of the sororities.  Strangely enough, however, it seemed most students weren’t “going on Spring Break” to the usual vacation spots.  They were all going home to visit their parents or staying on campus to work at their part-time jobs.  Who had money for Daytona??

So with vacation time coming up, and being Mask Madness Month, here are a few tips on getting your skin ready for travel and how to fix any problems that might come home with you.

The key to all of this is actually MASK !

Before Break

Packing :
First, a run down of what to take with you in a post I wrote for Labor Day Weekend.

Masking :
If you aren’t doing so already, a once or twice weekly at-home facial is a must for the clearest skin possible so it’s one thing you don’t have to worry about on your trip.  Cleanse your skin well, exfoliate, slather on your mask, leave on for the appropriate time, rinse well, pat dry, follow with your toner and hydrator or SPF.

Stopping :
One week before your trip, it’s a good idea to stop all AHAs and other strong exfoliation treatments and products.  Your skin will be more vulnerable to sun damage if your skin is freshly exfoliated.  Leave these products at home as well.  A simple scrub or a brush before mask while away is ok.

On Break

I’m sure I need hardly say how important a non-clogging SPF is.  Whether your lotion is SPF 15 or 30 or higher, the number itself does not indicate the level of protection; it refers to the number of additional minutes you can be out in the sun before burning!  So, irrespective of the SPF #, you must reapply your SPF lotion every 2-3 hours for adequate protection, and you must apply enough of it!  Still want to get color?  Remember this: if you have any blemishes leading to “dark marks”, or you have these marks already, sun exposure will make them darker, and they will take much longer to go away.

Dark Mark Prevention and Clearing
Besides SPF, the second most important weapon in your skincare arsenal is an antioxidant serum.  For an even broader spectrum of fading and prevention, pairing a multi-level antioxidant serum with a vitamin C moisturizer packs a real punch. 

Relax With a Selfie-Facial
For increased penetration of your strengthening and fading products, massage an extra amount of your serum and vitamin C moisturizer into your skin for a good minute before applying your treatment mask.  If you plan on getting a professional facial treatment instead, find out if they have one on the menu that includes antioxidants like vitamin C.

After Break

Spot Treatment
If you happened to break out during your vacation, IceTherapy is the first order of business, every day.  Make sure you also continue with your at-home weekly facials.

Sun Damage Damage-Control
While you shouldn’t just tan as you wish and worry about it when you get home, sun exposure is pretty much impossible to avoid.  But once the skin is damaged, it’s not like there’s no going back.  This is where your antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and reparative skincare is going help the most.  Repair cell damage to prevent DNA alteration (cancer), rebuild destroyed skin proteins to repair and prevent fine lines and sagging, and quiet pigment producing cells to fade dark marks and other discoloration.

Clear the Way
This is also when you want to re-start your AHA and other exfoliation treatments and products.  They will help get rid of damaged and discolored cells, smooth the skin’s surface, and help improve hydration.  This will also help jumpstart your acne clearing regimen and get you back to the real world with your daily routine.

Have a safe and fabulous vacation this Spring!

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