June 24, 2015

How to Control Oil During Summer

How do we Control Oil During the Summer? Plus my very first ever book review.

Who doesn’t love laying out under a tree shaded from the beautiful summer sun reading a good summer book?  Surrounded by flowers, enveloped by warm breezes, listening to kids playing in the park with their dads.  Spending an afternoon like this with a bottle of ice tea? Pure. Bliss. 

Most of the past few summers I’ve been focusing my reading on catching up with classics I missed in high school because I was such a poor student (undiagnosed ADD).  Or, others I just never got a chance to read.  Last summer it was Jane Austen.  The summer before that, every Sherlock Holmes story Conan Doyle ever wrote.  Other forays have included Kurt Vonnegut, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Joyce Carroll Oates and Tom Robbins.  I even plowed through Samuel Johnson’s History of Rasselas: Prince of Abissinia (unbelievably difficult book due to old language, but LOVED it). 

Normally, contemporary romances are not my thing.

One has caught my eye recently.  Self published (love that), "Accidental Happiness" is a love story of high school sweethearts entangled in tragedy, thrown about by time (that’s supposed to be a hint) and all the questioning, soul searching and mind-twists many of us go through at that young age.

A testament to the writing skill of the author, Meredith Rachek, is the fact that I found the novel gripping, despite the fact that I didn’t go to a public high school, where the story of this young couple begins, nor did I attend any college or University, where their story unfolds.  I literally (ha ha, get it?) can’t relate to a single character in the book. lol!  It’s possible to say this isn’t really a book review, more like an endorsement.  But a very hearty endorsement - I highly recommend this book, it's fantastic !  You may purchase it on the author’s own web site

Which, of course brings me to the burning question of this bright sunny day:  

How do I keep my greasy self comfortable and breakout-free 
given the need for sunscreen?? 

A reluctance to using a sunscreen at all is understandable, given that so many of them feel heavy and gross, making you feel like they just contribute to your breakouts.  However, in clearing acne, SPF is indeed very important.  On a sunny day in which you’re out shopping, walking or laying out, it needs to be reapplied once or twice in the middle of the day. Previous blog posts talk about sunscreen advantages, as well as whether high SPF numbers allow you to not have to reapply. 

The problem with many sunscreen brands causing breakouts is not only the fats often used, like coconut oil and shea butter, both of which clog pores like crazy, as well as certain ingredients designed to replace oils, made out of oils fused with alcohols, which also clog pores like crazy.  It’s also that even sunscreens that aren’t pore clogging too often don’t hydrate the skin, which leaves dehydrated skin thirsty for water that would now have to come from an additional lotion.  A hydrating sunscreen, however, allows you to only have to apply one lotion.  Beautiful !

We’re also seeing a lot out on the interwebs touting coconut oil alone being used as sunscreen.  This is not only a great way to break yourself out, but very foolish as well - there is no scientific evidence that coconut oil alone can effectively be used as a sunscreen.  There are cases where an oily skin can effectively use the right kind of oil to get clear.  But fewer benefit than is worth taking the risk.  There are better ways to get your skin clear and healthy.

As I explained last week, it’s really easy to matte your face out and cool yourself off after applying a hydrating sunscreen, just by dusting on some cornstarch with a large makeup brush.  You can also mix a bit of mineral powder into some SPF to make your own BB Cream.

Cornstarch can also be taken with you in a convenient Shaker Jar using a push-up Dome Brush, both of which fit perfectly in your purse or beach bag.  Its molecules are too big to clog pores, mattes you out completely and even cools you off !  Way better than costly blotting papers (although I do like toilet paper for blotting when wearing dark clothing) and healthier than pressed powder.

Don't have any cornstarch handy?  This video shows a quick and easy way to deal with oil any time of the day or night.  I kept my oil under control every summer in my 30s this way when I was a whole lot more oily than I am now at 49 (yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!).

Another important way to control oil happens to also help heal your breakouts and exfoliate the skin, as well as help draw out impactions; the use of clay mask 1-3 times a week depending on your oil level, sensitivity issues and type of acne you have.

And finally, using the right cleanser is crucial - cleansers that are too drying strip oils from your skin making it vulnerable to breakage and prompting water loss.  But they also provoke excess oil production by throwing the pH of your skin off so that it has to overproduce oil in order to balance itself.   

If your cleanser rinses easily, that is, within 3-4 splashes, and doesn’t leave your skin tight or dry, nor slippery like a film has been left behind, then you have the right cleanser.  Toner also keeps oil and water levels to what they should be.  I have seen hundreds of clients experience less oil over time as their skin clears because hydration has allowed their pores to flow freely as they should.

As for body acne, oiliness from sunscreen and feeling comfortable, there are three things to make sure of before you leave the house :
  • You can either incur the expense and use a non-clogging and hydrating face SPF if you're very broken out and want to be safe, or use a heavier non-clogging SPF lotion such as  CeraVe or Vanicream. 

  • I’ve been using straight cornstarch as body powder since I was a teenager.  As long as you don’t apply a lot, and wipe off white spots with a dry towel, you’ll be amazed how long its cooling and oil absorbing effects last.  Much better than baby powder, which has pore clogging Talc.

  • Ditch the dryer sheets and fabric softeners in your dryer, since they each leave a pore clogging film on your clothes.  The last thing you want is to lay out under that huge tree all day and end up with your clothes breaking your back out.  Use rubber dryer balls or tennis balls instead.

What do you do to control oil during the summer?  Please comment below ! 

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