April 6, 2016

Causes of Springtime Ingrown Hairs

As the winter weather transitions into spring, chances are that while wearing jeans, yoga pants, leggings, etc., you may find yourself perspiring just a little more than usual, most likely in an on-and-off kind of way. 

The cause of springtime ingrowns could be your clothes.

Since I began performing waxing services 18 years ago, I have noticed that the frequency and severity of ingrown hairs along the bikini line and butt breakouts seem to increase during changes in weather, particularly from colder to warmer months.

Now, there are changes in weather other times of the year, why is spring so special?  

I believe the season of spring can be worse for ingrown hair and butt breakout problems because, at least here in the Midwest, temperature and humidity changes can feature differences between one day and the next more wildly than the rest of the year. But even in other parts of the country, as it gradually gets warmer, winter clothing still being worn can cause issues just as easily.

So what does this have to do with bikini line and butt issues?


The pattern of your ingrowns can indicate their cause!
In the colder months we're more likely to wear clothes that rub, bind, scratch, and hug the body.  The repercussions of wearing these binding and rough pants and undies are friction and pressure.  During weeks where the temps fluctuate between cold and warm, perspiration can make all of this much, much worse.

What’s interesting is that it’s the pores that must bear the brunt of the friction.  The surface of the skin, outside the pores, is protected territory, but inside the pores is a factory of immune function.  Pores don’t like to be bothered; bother them and blood, lymph and, if it gets bad enough, white blood cells, will make you pay.

In the friction fiasco, little-by-little and bit-by-bit, pore linings begin to swell, which obstructs proper hair growth.  
In the worst case scenario, the body interprets the obstructed hair as an invasion and sends white blood cells to create a pus-filled breakout. In the best case scenario, the inflamed pore just stays swollen, which creates redness and pain.  Best case scenario??  I know, doesn’t sound like much.

Can lace thong underwear be the cause of your bikini line and butt breakouts?
So, what to do? There are essentially two steps to combat ingrown hairs.

1)  You must first lessen the impact of pressure and friction by making sure that smooth, 100% cotton material lies between your skin and your clothes, completely covering the most problematic ingrown areas.

If your ingrown hair problem extends to outside your underwear seams, you may need to start wearing full "boy short"-type underwear.  Not the cute lacy kind that barely cover anything, I mean the ones that actually look like shorts.  Again, make sure they are 100% cotton!

If you notice that your ingrown hairs are happening in the area where seams rub or dig, you may need better fitting underwear or a different cut.

Wearing thongs with jeans is an absolute no-no!

Got ingrown hairs?  Lace thong underwear is your enemy!

2)  We have to help soothe, heal, and protect the skin from the effects of the friction and pressure.

The traditional approach to ingrown hair problems has always been exfoliation with salicylic acid.  But we want to prevent ingrown hairs in the first place, not just continually treat them after they've already become an issue!

Salicylic Acid is a great ingredient in skincare and it can do a fantastic job in loosening impactions and slightly calming inflammation, but I personally think that it doesn't do enough by itself to prevent or stop inflammation in areas of daily friction. I also recommend body exfoliation with spa gloves, but you have to be VERY careful to not aggravate the skin, since this can cause more inflammation and you’ll just perpetuate the ingrown hair cycle.

When it comes to ingrown hair prevention, my Ingrown Hair Triple Threat, featuring my very own handcrafted FerroRosa FrictionFix®, is the most comprehensive solution, as it contains these remedies plus prevention of the ravages of friction to begin with!

FerroRosa FrictionFix body power for ingrown hairs and lower body breakouts.

I invented the FerroRosa FrictionFix® anti-inflammatory body powder to act as a barrier to the effects of friction while simultaneously soothing the skin. This revolutionary product is applied like a body powder twice a day to your problem areas with your hands or with a cotton-round. With continued use, you’ll experience relief in about a week! Just be aware, the effects only last as long as you use the powder.

Before the powder is applied, a thin coat of one of the best salicylic acid products I've ever seen is applied, and this is after showering with exfoliating spa gloves.  This is the Triple Threat!

Please be aware that the FerroRosa FrictionFix®  is quite pink!  The powder may come off a little bit onto your clothes, but it will never stain.  No, it’s not pink because I made it for women -- in fact, both men and women are huge fans, especially those working in the restaurant industry!  The reason for the powder's pigmentation is because one the most anti-inflammatory ingredients on the planet -- Iron Oxides --  just happen to give a pink color.  Thus the name: Ferro=Iron, Rosa=Pink, that helps to Fix Friction!

Ingrown Hair Triple Threat for ingrown hair and body breakout problems.For your convenience, the Inrown Hair Triple Threat is available in two sizes here.

Other fantastic products, like a glycolic acid hydrating body lotion designed for stiff and bumpy body breakouts, and two levels of Benzoyl Peroxide gel for persistent and severe breakouts with both blackheads and pimples are also available, so for further guidance please feel free to contact me!

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